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Little Caesars Amateur Hockey has launched a new Tier II Program this spring, focusing specifically on the skill development of young hockey players. Little Caesars Amateur Hockey has formed eight sponsored teams for the 2010 spring season and beyond. The program includes mite level teams, two ’01 teams, and a team for ’99, ’98, ’97 and ’96. 


According to Mike Bayoff, chairman and president of the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League and general manager and alternate governor of the Little Caesars AAA Hockey Club, the new Tier II teams will have a focus on individual skill development at all levels. “The players who enter the Tier II Program will have the opportunity to work with the best coaches and really focus their efforts on skill development – all at a pace that works for them,” he explained. “In addition, they will have the opportunity to participate in mixed practices with our Little Caesars AAA teams, fundraising opportunities through the Little Caesars Amateur Sports Foundation, and be connected to one of the most recognized brand names in amateur sports.”


The Little Caesars Tier II Development Program is directed by Matt Romaniski, a veteran hockey player and coach. Romaniski will personally coach several of the teams and the rest of the staff in the program was selected for their experience and teaching ability. 


“We know that all kids develop differently,” said Romaniski. “This new program has one goal: to help each individual child reach their full potential and have fun doing it. Key elements of the Tier II Program include intensive drills, off-ice training and focused practices and the opportunity to practice with AAA teams to help challenge and grow the young hockey player’s skills. The bottom line is that we really want kids to develop a true love for the sport of hockey. We believe that having fun and developing a solid base of skills are important to achieving that goal.”


“We’re pleased with the response we are getting to the addition of these teams,” said Bayoff. “We think this gives us a great foundation to build the program and we look forward to running tryouts for the 2010-11 season. Whether a player stays with the Tier II program for one season or several doesn’t matter. We just want our players to come out the program as more skilled, more successful hockey players and have a lot of fun. If we can accomplish that, we will consider it a success!” 


Tryouts for the fall season will be announced in June. The Tier II Program teams will be placed into the LCAHL divisions based on the competitive environment within each division. Families seeking more information on the Little Caesars Tier II Program, or any of the Little Caesars hockey programs, can visit or email LC Tier II Director Matt Romaniski at Check out Hockey Weekly’s June 16 issue for an in-depth report on the new Tier II program.

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